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“It's never less than compelling, offering an innovative, fantastical skew on the American immigrant narrative, and a visual feast throughout. If Fuller and Green maintain the sky-high quality of these first two episodes, this will be something very special.”


“It is a wholly unique drama with a clear sense of identity. It’s a fantastic entry in the list of shows that give no care to the whims of pretentious awards culture…It is what it wants to be. It is a show to be reckoned with.” 


“Fuller uses American Gods to create an ironic hero’s journey epic, a big saga fantasy a la Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead that casts shade on the genre and transforms our country’s checkered history and high-low culture into a richly subversive mythology.

…I was consistently engrossed. The characters, the concept, the deeply considered filmmaking captured my imagination…I’m fascinated to see where Shadow’s anti-hero odyssey leads, which side of this American Ragnarok he chooses, or if he rejects the gods and bidding to bind his mind, heart and soul once and for all.”

Entertainment Weekly

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